Université de Bamako - Bamako, Mali

The Université de Bamako is Mali’s only public university and medical school with an enrollment of approximately 60,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The university works with two medical facilities, Hospital Gabriel Touré, the tertiary pediatric medical facility and teaching hospital in Bamako, as well as the Hospital du Point G, which is the largest teaching hospital in Mali. Hospital Gabriel Touré has approximately 150 beds, a TB and Malaria programs for children. The Université de Bamako is also home of the SEREFO Center for HIV and TB Training and Research.

Dates:  Various

Length of Rotation: Four weeks

Location: Bamako, Mali

Language Requirement: Students must speak French fluently or at least at a high intermediate level.

Student level: M4s

How to ApplyComplete the Online Application

Rotation Areas: Pediatrics, Infectious Disease

Rotation Details:
Université de Bamako provides opportunities for fourth-year medical students to complete clinical rotations in either Hospital du Point G and/or the Hospital Gabriel Touré in Infectious Disease or Pediatrics. The SEREFO Center for HIV and TB Training and Research is a well-funded laboratory that was developed by the dean of their medical school with resources from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The SEREFO laboratory has good capacity for the training of infectious disease researchers. Approximately 80% of patients in Bamako do not speak French but speak the indigenous language Bombara. This should not represent a major barrier since the local clinicians speak French and Bombara. Mali’s public health system has very basic resources and FSM medical students should have prior educational or professional experience working in resource-limited settings prior to rotating at one of University of Bamako’s teaching hospitals.

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Accommodations: Basic single-room accommodations are available on the Université de Bamako's main medical campus or for students who wish to work at Hospital Gabriel Touré at hostels located in the city.

Fees: FSM students are required to pay a $500 USD registration fee to the Université de Bamako for a four-week clinical rotation.

Global Health Week 2011 Presentation, "Center for TB and AIDS Research in Mali (SEREFO)"

Anatole Tounkara, MD
Dean, Faculty of Medicine
University of Bamako, Mali

Global Health Week presentation

Global Health Week 2011 Presentation, "AITRP Project: Phenotypic and Genotypic Susceptibility in HIV-1 Subtype non-B after Failure of the First Generation NNRTI in Mali"

Almoustapha Issiaka Maiga, PhD, PharmD
Virologist, University of Bamako, Mali
Northwestern University AIDS Internationational Training and Research Program (AITRP) Trainee

Global Health Week presentation

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