HIV Eradication Research - EraMune 02

EraMune 02 is a clinical trial exploring a new approach to try to completely remove HIV from an infected individual by attacking latent (hidden) virus in viral reservoirs through intensification of antiretroviral (anti-HIV) treatment with the addition of an investigational vaccine that can activate cells infected with HIV to create an immune, or disease fighting, response to the virus’ DNA.

EraMune 02 is a nation-wide trial that has three sites/teams: Chicago (Northwestern University), San Francisco (University of California), and New York (Cornell University). Overall, 28 HIV-positive patients will have their antiretroviral treatment intensified and will be randomly assigned to either a control or an experimental group. The experimental group will receive an additional vaccine treatment, in the hopes that this new combination will completely eradicate HIV from the infected individual’s body.

EraMune 02 is sponsored by Objectif Recherche VACcin Sida (ORVACS), a non-profit organization based in Paris, France, that is supported and funded by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation. The mission of ORVACS is to promote and conduct research on therapeutic vaccines and immunotherapeutic approaches in the field of AIDS. Created in 2000, ORVACS has a two-fold objective:

  1. The development of new therapeutic immunization strategies through clinical trials evaluating the safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of new vaccines
  2. The pre-clinical development of new anti-HIV vaccine approaches

To optimize and further its mission, ORVACS has created a network of international academic research teams, of which Northwestern University’s Center for Global Health is one, that are leaders in the field of immunology and antiretroviral therapy (ART).  The objective of vaccine therapy, such as that being undertaken by EraMune 02, is to stimulate a weakened immune system and to amplify immune response.

General information about the EraMune 02 clinical trial can be found at

Quick Facts

Objectif Recherche Vaccin Sida (ORVACS)

United States

U.S. National Principal Investigator:
Dr. Rob Murphy

Site Investigators:
Dr. Chad Achenbach (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Steven Deeks (San Francisco, CA)
Dr. Timothy Wilkin (New York, NY)

Protocol Manager:
Baiba Berzins

Eramune in the News:
"Getting Closer" - Positively Aware, September/October 2010 issue